Dental Unit Study |

Our Dental Unit

We learned about teeth this week! I found some really fun science, crafts, games, and activities for us to learn about dental health. We’re using Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Apologia as our primary text. We love the fun experiments and learning activities. We learned about stained teeth with an egg and cola. Alex demanded an experiment … [Read More...]

Getting Ready to Make Art |

Art Journals

I got the kids supplies for art journaling for Christmas. They’ve been DYING to try it out! Amazing how some notebooks and stamps get them so excited. Kate had asked me a couple months ago: “What’s scrapbooking?” I seriously felt like a failure. I need to turn in my girl card, y’all. I have failed as a woman. My girls didn’t know what scrapbooking is. So, of … [Read More...]


I try to be proactive with our health.

Self-Care in Winter

Here is how I take care of myself during these winter doldrums that try to take over. I try to be proactive with our health. Here are 5 ways to get proactive about … [Read More...]

No matter what your goals might be, here is an action plan to keep those resolutions through to completion.

Setting and Keeping Goals

With the new year, come all these resolutions that seem almost impossible to keep for more than a week or month or so. It’s overwhelming and frustrating. Like … [Read More...]


Popular Parenting Tips

Top Parenting Posts of 2014

My Top Ten Parenting Posts It's been a year of learning to be a better parent. Lots of ups and downs for our family. Moving to another country. Focusing on what's … [Read More...]

Frugal Living


Earmuff Headphones

This week’s Fashion Friday are adorable speaker earmuffs. These cute fur-lined and knit earmuffs have speakers in them. They connect via a cord to your smartphone or other MP3 device. They also come with a pair of black touch … [Read More...]


Cents of Style Clearance

On 1/9/15, for Fashion Friday Cents of Style is having a Clearance Event- 50% off the lowest marked price with the coupon code CLEARANCE. Fashion Friday- Clearance Event- 50% off the Lowest Marked Price w/ Code CLEARANCE Cents of Style has 100s of items on … [Read More...]

Smoky Chili Recipe from eMeals Budget Friendly plan

Budget Friendly eMeals Plan

I’m very excited to announce the launch of the new eMeals Budget Friendly meal plan. Are you trying to reign in your budget after the Christmas spending season? I know you’ve heard me talk about eMealsbefore, but their new meal plan - Easy Budget Meals … [Read More...]

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The Dirty Dozen Apps I never want my kids to use

The Dirty Dozen Apps

Some reality in the trenches of homeschooling and parenting. Just because we proclaim to be Christians. Just because we teach with Bible stories and scripture. Just because we attend church and Sunday school regularly as a family. It doesn’t mean we don’t … [Read More...]


Notebooking Pages Sale

Save 50% on ALL individual and bundled notebooking sets in the Notebooking Pages Shop. (This does NOT apply to Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Memberships.) Highlighted Freebie for January   All free members receive Martin Luther King, Jr. Notebooking … [Read More...]

Warm Comfort Food - Ham and Bean Soup |

Ham and Bean Soup

On dismal cold winter days, I just want soup. My husband used to love a certain canned variety of ham and bean soup. This is a much healthier, more natural version of that soup. Warm comfort food – filling and cozy on blustery days. We put our … [Read More...]