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God is our center. Education is our life. Gratitude is our purpose.

It wasn’t always so for us.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to homeschool your kids.

You can homeschool for free.

Homeschool for Free

I wasted so much money and time in the beginning, mostly from insecurity.

I was trained as a high school English teacher. Having preschoolers was terrifying!

So I spent money on curriculum, lessons, extracurricular activities, anything to get that responsibility off myself and onto others.

It took me several years of prayer to gain confidence in God’s leading for our homeschool. We purged many unneeded items. We do still have lots of books and manipulatives that we’ve collected, but we’re so much more liberated in our education now than in the beginning.

So where do you get resources to homeschool for free?


Enjoy life with your babies. Just include your preschoolers with everything you normally do as a mom. Cooking, cleaning, playing. None of it has to cost a thing beyond what you would normally do. Babies and preschoolers don’t need formal education. They need a family to love and guide them. Check out my list of preschool resources.


There are oodles of free courses online, books on public domain, and printables (or you could start your child on notebooking on her own.) I love how unschoolers learn and love life. Let your kids explore what they’re passionate about.

Upper Grades

Use the library. Enter blog giveaways, do blog reviews for awesome curriculum, join a homeschool co-op and pool your teaching resources with other parents. Even do sports and PE with other homeschooling families for credits. I am so excited that my daughter Elizabeth is reaching the high school years and since we school year-round, she has so much freedom to learn what she likes and opportunities to do so many interesting things with Civil Air Patrol and missions.

Check out these links for more ideas:

Homeschool for Free Series from Only Passionate Curiosity

Don’t get sucked into those virtual schools that are run by your county or school district. While it may not cost you any money, it’s not really homeschooling and you’re still at the beck and call of the public schools.

Don’t fear the freedom of homeschooling your babies and having God lead you in your education choices.

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